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Reaching the Unreached

Welcome to Holy Jesus Mission, the Love Church and Ladder to Heaven. Our ministry is to reach out to the lost souls with the gospel, setting the captives free and teaching the undiluted word of God. Join Arch Bishop Ogbuji .I. Ogbuji on the journey to the Kingdom of God.

TV/Radio Outreach

We are using the television and radio evangelism to send the gospel to every home in the world, partner with us to help spread the word of God.

Hospital Outreach

We have a mandate to minister to the sick in the hospital. The hospital evangelism has also become a platform for witnessing we are trusting God for healing miracles and quick recovery.

Prison Outreach

It is our goal to reach the incarcerated for Christ in Federal, State and local prisons, jails, and detention centers throughout the nation and beyond.

Holy Jesus Mission Children Ministry

Children Ministry

Child Evangelism Ministries is devoted to serving Christ and furthering His kingdom by teaching His Word to children. We are preparing children from a divers group tp be ready and willing to sacrifice their time and desires for Christ.

Days of Fellowship

Please join us on these days of fellowship and you will sure be glad you did.


Join us every Sunday at 8:00am for a refreshing time in the presence of God.


Bible study begins at 5:00pm where we study in depth the word of God, and with love and singleness of heart we also break our midweek fast together 


Join us every friday for another in depth study of the word of God.

First Friday of every Month

This is an Alnight Deliverance and Warfare Services. Chains will be broken and captives will be set free. Don't miss it. 


Subscribe to our youtube channel and enjoy Archbishop Ogbuji's teachings and preaching of the Word of  God.



5A Emudiakevwe Street                    
off 3rd Marine Gate
Via Sefia Close.                    


Phone: +234 803 486 2995 
Phone 2:: +234 706 093 4262


About the Church 
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Please feel free to contact us for prayers and counselling. We love you Jesus keep you!